Healthy Late Night Snacking

By Marisa Morales, UC Davis Nutrition Peer Counselor In college, you will likely find yourself staying up late at night just to finish your paper that’s due at 11:59pm, or study for an exam you have the next day. Seems like it is just part of college life. You may also notice that the longerContinue reading “Healthy Late Night Snacking”

It’s Pumpkin Season Again!

By Haley Adel, UC Davis Nutrition Peer Counselor It’s October so everyone knows what that means…Pumpkin Season! Starbucks has been serving up its assortment of pumpkin spice drinks for weeks, while Trader Joe’s has been lining its shelves with loads of pumpkin-inspired products. To get with the season, we thought we would provide some ofContinue reading “It’s Pumpkin Season Again!”

Integrating Veggies (college edition!)

By:  Ines Cheng, Healthy Aggies Intern As college students it is often difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The time and energy it takes to make healthy meals can sometimes seem burdensome. However, there are many different strategies to more easily integrate vegetables and fruits and other healthy foods into your everyday life! Smoothies! ItContinue reading “Integrating Veggies (college edition!)”

Earth Day- Let’s make a better place for all of us

By Jessica Bonilla, Dietitian Assistant We are only four days away from Earth day, which makes it a perfect time to think about our actions for the past years. According to the ASCE, Americans generate around 258 million tons of material solid waste every year, only about 35% of the waste is recycled and 53%Continue reading “Earth Day- Let’s make a better place for all of us”

UC Davis Farmers Market back for spring!

By Rebekah Shulman, Dietitian Assistant Attention all Aggies: the UC Davis Farmers Market is back on campus for Spring Quarter! Here you will find tons of fresh produce, raw honey, bread and baked goods, UC Davis made olive oil, and much more.  The market aims to be a destination in itself, not just something studentsContinue reading “UC Davis Farmers Market back for spring!”

The UC Davis Farmers Market

By:  Debbie Dang, Nutrition Peer Counselor, UC Davis Fitness and Wellness Center Guess what’s back Aggies? That’s right! The UC Davis Farmers Market! The UC Davis Farmers Market (UCDFM) is a seasonal opportunity for students to have better access to fresh and local produce! This market is a smaller-scaled version of the main Davis FarmersContinue reading “The UC Davis Farmers Market”

Healthy Aggies’ welcome to Fall 2017!

By:  Jackie Ahern, Nutrition Peer Counselor, UC Davis Fitness and Wellness Center Fall is upon us once again! For some it’s the beginning of a whole new college adventure, and for others it’s the beginning of the end. It’s no doubt an exciting time, where everyone has something to look forward to, new changes to makeContinue reading “Healthy Aggies’ welcome to Fall 2017!”