Healthy Aggies’ welcome to Fall 2017!

jackie (2)

By:  Jackie Ahern, Nutrition Peer Counselor, UC Davis Fitness and Wellness Center

Fall is upon us once again! For some it’s the beginning of a whole new college adventure, and for others it’s the beginning of the end. It’s no doubt an exciting time, where everyone has something to look forward to, new changes to make and novel things to try. Change can be scary, but it can also be beautiful and fun and exciting if you look at it the right way. As we go into the new school year I encourage all of you to embrace all that is new, and reflect on how far you’ve come.

I remember when I first started at Davis, I felt alone and scared of this giant new campus. I voiced the fear of being alone and lost to a yoga teacher of mine and he said to me,

“Do what you love and what makes you happy, and your true friends will gravitate towards you.”

I found this hard to believe at the time, when the only friend I had was my roommate; regardless I took that advice and ran with it. That seems like only yesterday when I first started, but here I am now, beginning my fourth year at Davis, with an incredible group of friends that just seems to keep growing. I’m surrounded by people I’ve known since the first few weeks of freshman year, to new people I’ve met in the last month. And like my teacher said, it feels like they just keep gravitating towards me. I’d like to extend this advice to you all as well. Do what you love, be open to new experiences and you will find the supportive, amazing people you deserve.

You may also face pressures to a join a certain group or declare a particular major but in the end it’s your life. Being on your own, making your own choices, doing your own laundry; that’s adulthood. Take a moment to reflect or journal about what truly makes your heart sing and follow that path. The new school year is the perfect time to reevaluate your life choices and habits up to this point, and make a change if you find it’s necessary. Be open to life as it unfolds before you. This campus is vast in both the people on it and in what it has to offer, so take a new class, talk to a stranger or try a new cuisine. This is just the beginning of your entire life. Emphasis on the “your” life part!

I wish you all good luck this year, remember that you are part of a huge community full of opportunity and goodness. Take each day by the horns, take a deep breath, and be true to yourself. Everything will happen exactly as it should!

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