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How to be a Healthy Aggie:
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How can you join?  There are no set members for Healthy Aggies, you are one by default!!  Please contribute your voice to the movement through our Instagram and Facebook pages and comment on our blog.   You can learn about our events and attend.  If you would like to be an intern, send a note to

What does being a Healthy Aggie mean?  It means living your best life, doing what you’re passionate about, and making smarter nutrition and lifestyle choices! It doesn’t mean eating healthy all the time. Be mindful of your nutrition goals and do your best to be consistent with them. It is often difficult to make the healthier choice, but “healthy” does not have to be “bad tasting”! There are a lot of healthier options that are just as tasty, and contain more nutrients that your body will love you for! For example, instead of eating fried chicken, a healthy alternative would be to grill (or bake) the chicken instead using different kinds of spices and seasonings!  Follow our blog for more Healthy Aggie ideas!