Healthy Aggies Interns

Meet your 2019-2020 Healthy Aggies Interns!

Anna Bui (Healthy Aggies Intern)

Major and year: Clinical Nutrition, 5th Year


About me: Hello, my name is Anna Bui and I am a new member of the Healthy Aggies Nutrition team! In all honesty, I find cooking fun and enjoyable, but I am not the “best” chef out there. My favorite meal to cook during the day is breakfast/brunch! I love making a quick, easy, and basic avocado toast with a runny sunny side egg and a drizzle of Sriracha. I also need to have a fruit throughout the day and my top three favorite fruits are watermelon, blueberries, and cherries. I am very indecisive, so I can’t pick my absolute favorite fruit. A few hobbies I enjoy are binge-watching Youtube videos, hiking, napping, and exploring the city with my friends. 🙂

Brandy Carrillo (Healthy Aggies Intern)

Major and year: Clinical Nutrition, 3rd year 

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About Me: Hey everyone! My name is Brandy and I’m super excited to join the Healthy Aggies family. While I may not be the best chef out there, the inner foodie in me is always up to try out new and delicious vegetarian-friendly recipes. When I’m not busy with school, I love spending hours at the dance studio, eating at my favorite restaurants with my friends (I may or may not have an obsession with Thai Canteen), and watching hours worth of dessert and latte art videos. Fruit is my go-to guilty free snack, and I love eating a big bowl of frozen grapes during a hot summer day. But my ultimate guilty pleasure is the dark chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe’s. 

Ester Garcia (Healthy Aggies Intern)

Major and Year: Clinical Nutrition, 3rd Year

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About me: Hello! My name is Esther Garcia and I am a Healthy Aggies Nutrition Intern. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast or any meal that involves toast and eggs with a side of seasonal fruit. I love creating new recipes when I have time and replicating the ones that have been passed on from my family members. I also enjoy going to the gym and binge-watching TV shows while eating pizza and ice-cream.

Rini Jablonski (Healthy Aggies Intern)

Major/Minor and Year: Nutrition Science, emphasis in Public Health, 4th Year


About me: Hello! My name is Rini, and I am a senior this year at UC Davis. I will (ideally) graduate this year and go off to do exciting things with my nutrition major. But other than that, I am super passionate about food and my friends, so combining the two: eating food WITH friends, is my #1 favorite thing to do 🙂 I also love going to the beach, having picnics, walking dogs, and traveling!

Ruth Vodonos

Major and Year: Clinical Nutrition, 5th Year


About me: Hi, my name is Ruth and I am a Healthy Aggies Nutrition intern. I love to spend time with friends, paint or draw, and bake! My current go-to meal is couscous anything because it can be made into a meal in so many different ways that it’s hard to get bored of. One of my favorite fruits is strawberries, but I love using bananas in my baking!

Ines Cheng (Healthy Aggies Coordinator) 

Major/Minor and Year: Clinical Nutrition Major, French Minor, 3rd Year

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About me: Hi! I’m Ines and this is my second year being part of the Healthy Aggies team! I grew up with two different cultures which have given me the opportunity to eat many different foods. Due to this background, I love traveling and trying out all the different foods around the world. I will eat anything but my all-time favorite addition to any meal is pesto! Apart from that, love spending time with my loved ones, watching Tasty videos, and going out on spontaneous adventures! 

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