Healthy Aggies Interns

Meet your 2021-2022 Healthy Aggies Interns!

Hannah Squire , Healthy Aggies Intern Coordinator

Major and Year: Clinical Nutrition, 4th Yearimg_9968-1

About me: Hey all!! I’m Hannah, and I am so excited to be this year’s Healthy Aggie Coordinator. Besides Healthy Aggies, I also love experimenting with recipes like zucchini brownies or chickpea ice cream (better than it sounds!), practicing yoga, nature views, and learning how the food we eat relates to our wellbeing.  If you see me around campus or just tabling for Healthy Aggies feel free to say hi 🙂


Kalyn Concepcion, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Cell Biology (Minor Nutrition and Food), 3rd Year


About Me: Hello!! My name is Kalyn and I am super excited to be joining the Healthy Aggies team! Learning about how to create healthier relationships with food and manage a lifestyle that is healthy for your mind and body has played an important role in my life and has really fueled my passion for nutrition. I love spending my free time trying out pescatarian-friendly recipes, exploring different cuisines, or baking treats. When I’m not in the kitchen being a huge foodie, you can also find me practicing my rollerskating, hanging out with my dog, or going on adventures with my friends. In the future I hope to attend medical school and become a pediatric endocrinologist. I am specifically interested in the prevalence of diabetes amongst Asian Americans and how establishing healthy habits early on can have a large positive impact.

Sarina Lin, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Clinical Nutrition, 3rd Year

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About Me: Heyo! My name is Sarina, and I am so excited to work with the UCD Healthy Aggies family. I’m from Sacramento (America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital) so I grew up eating a variety of foods. I love to try new restaurants and cafes, try new recipes, and eat out with friends and family. When I’m not too busy with academics, you can find me spending time with my friends while holding coffee or boba in one hand, playing the acoustic guitar, reading, drawing, or watching Japanese variety shows. My dream is to become a registered dietitian and further nutrition education in schools and help children from different ages and backgrounds have a healthier life. 


Tiffany Liao, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Nutrition Science, with an emphasis in Public Health, 4th Year


About Me:Hey everyone, my name is Tiffany and I am very excited to start off my first year interning in the Healthy Aggies family! I am from San Francisco and I love to try out different cuisines in the local community. I am also very into discovering healthy drinks recipes, trying out different greens with combinations such as kale, carrots, banana, and apples. During my free time, I like to watch dance tutorials and variety shows.

Kimberly Oliva, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Clinical Nutrition,  4th Year


About Me: Hello everyone! My name is Kimberly, and I am thrilled to be part of the Healthy Aggies family during my last year at Davis. My passion for nutrition and health has inspired me to pursue interest in sports nutrition or public health in the purpose of informing individuals about the importance and significance of leading a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to food, I am a fruit addict. I like experimenting and creating healthier and tastier meal alternatives. In my spare time I enjoy baking and cooking (especially desserts), hiking, playing volleyball, and running.


Monica Chao, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Nutrition Science, 2nd Year


About Me: Hey everyone! My name is Monica Chao, and I’m so ecstatic to be part of the Healthy Aggie team! I grew up with very diverse food choices, and that made me an absolute foodie. I like to hang out with friends at restaurants and cafes during my spare time. I won’t say I’m good at cooking, but it’s always my interest to try different recipes! I love spending time with people, so welcome to say hi or hang out with me to grab some food!

Thu Nguyen, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 3rd Year 

3321B7FB-2285-4E37-A541-38758024EF5BAbout Me:A little bit about me is I’m a first-year transfer student from San Diego Mesa College. I’m an only child in my family and we moved to the US from Vietnam when I was 10 years old. I love food and desserts. I moved to Davis last fall and have been living on campus with my housemates. That was the first time I moved away from my parents. I do not have any friends at Davis, therefore, I’m excited to make new friends and interact with different people and cultures. 


Angela Feng, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Clinical Nutrition , 4th Year 

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About Me: Hello! My name is Angela and I’m beyond excited to be a part of the Healthy Aggies family during my last year at Davis! I love re-creating drinks and dishes from my favorite restaurants. Recently, I’ve been enjoying coffee with a splash of cream and rose water! I also love to bake; I like to find recipes and modify them a little! For example, using whole wheat flour for carrot cupcakes! One of my favorite desserts I created was mochi donuts! In my free time, I love photography, playing tennis, and listening to music. I believe the greatest wealth is health! Can’t wait to see everyone in person! 

Chloe Peterson, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Clinical Nutrition , 1st Year 

Chloe pic
About Me: Hey, y’all! I’m Chloe. I have recently moved to Davis after growing up in a small town in the Inland Empire. Throughout high school, I have been studying various nutrition topics with the intention of becoming a Dietitian. Now being in college, I can’t wait to further that learning and be more hands-on. Alongside a passion for studying food, I also love Sanrio, playing lacrosse, and baking! You can also find me at various different boba shops or just sitting outside, basking in the sunlight. If you see me or my bright pink hair around Davis, please say hi!

Meet the staff:


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Reed Phinisey

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