Healthy Aggies Interns

Meet your 2020-2021 Healthy Aggies Interns!

Esther Garcia, Healthy Aggies Intern Coordinator

Major and Year: Clinical Nutrition, 4th Year


About me: Hello! My name is Esther and I am excited to be this year’s Healthy Aggies Intern Coordinator. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast or any meal that involves toast and eggs with a side of seasonal fruit. I love creating new recipes when I have time and replicating the ones that have been passed on from my family members. I tried to create new baking recipes, but they just turn out to be the same banana bread recipe with different toppings. I also enjoy going to the gym and binge-watching TV shows, and reading.

Brandy Carrillo, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Nutrition Science, emphasis in Public Health, 4th Year

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About Me: Hey everyone! My name is Brandy and I’m super excited to finish off my last year at Davis with the Healthy Aggies family. While I may not be the best chef out there, the inner foodie in me is always up to try out new and delicious vegetarian-friendly recipes. When I’m not busy with school, I love spending hours at the dance studio, working on my embroidery skills, and re-watching Parks and Rec.

Hannah Squire, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Clinical Nutrition, 3rd Year

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About Me: Hi all! I’m Hannah and this will be my first full year interning for Healthy Aggies. One of the many reasons I am so eager to get more involved in this organization is because it involves my favorite topic, food! I love trying new foods, exploring interesting recipes, and most importantly learning how it relates to our health. Aside from food, I also enjoy spending my time practicing yoga, nature walks, and checking out new places. If you see me around campus or just tabling for Healthy Aggies feel free to say hello 🙂

Kirby Lee, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Clinical Nutrition, 3rd Year


About Me: Heya! My name is Kirby, and I am absolutely ecstatic to be working with the Healthy Aggies family. I am a creative writer, avid traveller, and a fruit and veggie fiend. Shoutout to my favorites: spinach, broccoli, mangoes, and watermelon! To power me through my degree, I live by my strong cup of joe with a splash of soy milk and a pinch of sugar, but I often indulge in an ice-cold glass of Vietnamese-style coffee. One day, I hope to become a dietitian with a specialty in maternal and child nutrition and help every kid get a strong, healthy start to life.

Rebecca Rinck, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Nutrition Science, emphasis in Public Health, 4th Year


About Me: Hi! My name is Rebecca, and I’m a new intern for Healthy Aggies. I’m from Los Angeles, so I grew up eating a wide variety of foods. I apply my diverse taste with my knowledge of cooking gained from bingeing Bon Appetit videos, to create my own tasty, healthy meals. I also love to bake! Cooking and baking are my favorite acts of love: the activities bring me joy and the tastes bring my friends joy. 🙂 When I’m not cooking or baking, I’m working towards my degree in Nutrition Science so I can eventually get a master’s in Public Health. My passion for healthy food and a healthy lifestyle has sparked my journey towards working in public health so that I can share my passion with others!

Bella Cambra, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Clinical Nutrition, 5th Year


About Me: Hey hey! My name is Bella Cambra and I am so honored to be a part of the Healthy Aggies family my last year at Davis! Nutrition is an important factor in everyone’s life and has been especially influential in mine. My experiences with autoimmunity inspired me to learn about this whole other world we have in our gut and sparked my interest in discovering how to use food as medicine. Aside from inspiring healthy lifestyle habits, I revel in the joys of nature, music, movement, and consciousness exploration.

Kelly Kim, Healthy Aggies Intern

Major and year: Human Development, 3rd year

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About Me: Hello! I am glad to have this opportunity to learn and serve our community as a Healthy Aggies Intern. I recently switched my major from clinical nutrition to human development but still have great interest and drive for applying a healthy nutritious lifestyle daily. I grew up mostly eating Korean food but then started to experience all kinds of foods rooted in different tastes and cultures. When I’m not studying and focusing on classes, you can find me spending time with family and friends, hiking, or binge watching shows on Netflix.

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