Peer Counselors

What Do They Do?

The Nutrition Peer Counselor team works cooperatively and assists Live Well in all phases of nutritional programming and administration of nutritional counseling for the Personal Training program and the general campus community. Duties include scheduling and conducting dietary consultations, holding nutrition drop-in hours, facilitating educational sessions, and implementing nutritional resources as well as other duties as assigned.

Who Are The 2021-2022 Peer Counselors? 

Samantha Seefeldt, Clinical Nutrition, 4th Year


Home Town: San Clemente, CA

Primary Interest in Nutrition: Community Nutrition, Food Security and Education, Plant-Based Nutrition 

Nutrition-Related Activities: Intern for the Center of Nutrition in Schools at UC Davis, Food Recovery Network, Fruit and Veggie Up! volunteer, Student Nutrition Association

Facts About Me: A few random facts about me would be that I am theLiving Well Center Office Student Manager, the oldest of three sisters, and can solve a Rubik’s cube:) I hope to one day own my own private practice as a Register Dietitian.

Favorite Meal: Pad See Ew with Thai Tea!

Favorite Class at UC Davis so far: NUT 10; This was my very first nutrition course which confirmed that I wanted to pursue Clinical Nutrition as a major.

What do you like to do for fun?: hiking, camping, ping pong, drawing, yoga

Any other tidbit of info you’d like to share with the Healthy Aggies community: Looking forward to getting to know the Healthy Aggie community more:) I am always down to grab a tea or coffee at Mishkas and talk about nutrition!

Christina Lin, Clinical Nutrition & Design, 4th Year

Christina - Copy

Home Town: San Jose, CA

Primary Interest in Nutrition: public health nutrition, food and nutrition policy, food systems

Nutrition-Related Activities:reading, cooking, baking, developing food products

Facts About Me: I also study design which has given me another lens through which I view food and problem-solving.

Favorite Meal:Mediterranean Falafel Platter

Favorite Class at UC Davis so far:NPB 101

What do you like to do for fun?: Ultimate Frisbee

Vivien Zhong, Clinical Nutrition, 4th Year


Home Town: Guangzhou, China

Primary Interest in Nutrition: Community nutrition, nutrition counseling/education, public health

Nutrition-Related Activities: intern at Student Farm Fresh Focus program, volunteer at Yolo Food Bank and Fruit & Veggies Up! program, personal nutrition bullet journal IG @ vvnbujo

Facts About Me:I’m a foodie who wants to explore and try every delicious food around the world! My goal is to translate scientific nutrition knowledge into accessible information to everyone because I believe that everyone has the right to pursue a healthy life.

Favorite Meal: dimsum

Favorite Class at UC Davis so far:BIS101 – Genes & gene expression (Really really enjoyed Dr. Crowder’s class – she taught biology in such an engaging and interesting way)

What do you like to do for fun?:Hiking, running, yoga, bullet journaling, playing piano, Procreate beginner

Any other tidbit of info you’d like to share with the Healthy Aggies community: I hope I can help you reach your health, nutrition, and wellness goals~ Come and let’s be friends 🙂

Matthew Nguyen, Clinical Nutrition, 4th year

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Home Town: Sacramento, California

Primary Interest in Nutrition: Sports nutrition, Nutrition education, and cooking healthy recipes 

Nutrition-Related Activities:I love to cook and love to try out new recipes of things I see online. 

Facts About Me:I am the youngest sibling out of four. Random fact I got lost and almost kidnapped at Disney Land when I was younger

Favorite Meal: Tacos 🙂

Favorite Class at UC Davis so far: FSM 120, principle quantity food production.Very interesting  and enjoyable class to take. 

What do you like to do for fun?: I like to write piano pieces, box, and play video games

Any other tidbit of info you’d like to share with the Healthy Aggies community:I believe that eating healthy does not have to be plain and boring, rather it’s fun and exciting.

Elisha Aispuro, Clinical Nutrition, 5th year 


Your hometown: Pico Rivera, California

Primary interests in nutrition: Through the years, I’ve developed a passion for Sports/General Nutrition Education, Type 2 Diabetes Prevention, and Community Nutrition.

Nutrition-Related Activities: I’ve been a sports nutrition intern at the UC Davis Football Fueling Center and active volunteer at Davis Community Meals.

Facts about me: I’m a dog mom to the cutest/most protective 2 year old german shepherd.

Favorite Meal: Sweet mole enchiladas covered in cabbage (chef’s kiss).

Favorite Class at UC Davis so far: CHI 42 – Food Justice

What do you like to do for fun? I love to weightlift, hike, “attempt” calisthenics, spend quality time with family, and explore new restaurants I’ve never been to around NorCal.

Any other tidbit of info you’d like to share with the Healthy Aggies community: A gentle reminder as we’re coming out of a pandemic, don’t focus on a scale number but rather on how you feel after each balanced meal. YOU GOT THIS!

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