Boost Your Health and Social life!

By Hannah Squire, Health Aggies Coordinator After more than a year off campus working remote, are you feeling disconnected from campus? Feeling like you want to get back into an in-person routine that promotes a healthy lifestyle? Well it turns out, you’re not alone! Here are just 5  easy and accessible ways you can boostContinue reading “Boost Your Health and Social life!”

3 Easy (and Healthy) Dorm Room Desserts

By Bree Weeden These sweet treats are easy as pie – and much healthier! Banana Chia Pudding: Ingredients: 1 banana ¾ cup non-fat milk 2 tbsp chia seeds Optional: 1 tsp vanilla and/or cinnamon In a bowl (or mason jar if you’re feeling special) smash the banana with a fork, then add milk and chiaContinue reading “3 Easy (and Healthy) Dorm Room Desserts”