Best Foods for Recovery

Being sick is the worst, especially in college when there are so many other things students would rather being doing. Although it is common to lose your appetite when you’re sick, good nutrition is actually an essential part of recovery! During illness the body uses nutrients faster than usual to repair the immune system. Sickness,Continue reading “Best Foods for Recovery”

How to Beat the Winter Blues

It is common to feel down in the cold months following the holiday season. Days are shorter, the sun isn’t shining as much, and sickness is more common. These factors can drive you to feel sluggish and unmotivated. The good news: you can combat all that with the right diet! Having the winter weather bluesContinue reading “How to Beat the Winter Blues”

What Cravings Are Telling You

  What Cravings Are Telling You A craving—an intense desire for a certain food—is believed to be a signal sent by the body for specific food because of the nutrients that it provides. A craving for chocolate, for example, would signal a physiologic need for more antioxidants. However, a bowl of red beans, which areContinue reading “What Cravings Are Telling You”

Healthier Holiday Favorites

  Food is an essential part of how we celebrate the holidays. Most traditional holiday foods are rich and delicious, but don’t always satisfy our bodies’ needs. In order to stay active and immune to sickness during the holidays, we need quality fuel that will sustain our bodies. Here are some superfoods and recipes toContinue reading “Healthier Holiday Favorites”

Sustainable Eating

Before I started working for the Sustainability and Nutrition office at UC Davis Dining Services, it never occurred to me that there was such a thing as eating sustainably. I would eat based on my preferences and what I knew was good for me, not giving much thought to the environmental impact of my foodContinue reading “Sustainable Eating”

Celebrating Food Day

Hello there Aggies, and happy Food Day! Food Day is an annual nation-wide event that celebrates healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. The goal of food day is to bring to the public’s attention some of the issues that are happening within our food system in America, and encourage people to realize that their personal choicesContinue reading “Celebrating Food Day”

Nutrition Myth Busters- Vegetarian Diet

This week I had the exciting opportunity to do a guest post on the SPE Certified Blog! I chose the topic of nutrition myths because there are so many that run rampant through our society and the media. I believe that it is important that these myths be proven or dis-proven with current, science-based information.Continue reading “Nutrition Myth Busters- Vegetarian Diet”

Inexpensive Meals and Ideas on a Budget

As a college student, I am always on a budget when it comes to grocery shopping. After all, less money spent on food equals more money to spend on fun. However I also value eating healthy, which rules out subsisting on ramen noodles. As a result I have found that with a little creativity andContinue reading “Inexpensive Meals and Ideas on a Budget”