The Truth about carbs

  By:  Michelle Sweeney, Nutrition Peer Counselor,  Fit-well Center, UC Davis Carbohydrates, and whether or how much to consume, fill our social media feeds, but many people don’t know what carbohydrate is and what function is serves in our bodies. Why do we need carbs in the first place? Carbohydrates are our body’s first choiceContinue reading “The Truth about carbs”

A Supervisor Guides You Through the CoHo at UC Davis

    By:  Jackie Ahern, Nutrition Peer Counselor, Fitness and Wellness Center, UC Davis Every visit to the Coffee House seems to feel like an obstacle course. Do you wait in a 20 minute line just to wait another 15 for a latte? Should you get a salad? But the pizza line is pretty short…Continue reading “A Supervisor Guides You Through the CoHo at UC Davis”

Making healthier choices eating out

By: Debbie Dang, Nutrition Peer Counselor, UC Davis Fitness and Wellness Center As students trying to survive the brutality of the quarter system at UC Davis, we sometimes find ourselves having little time to cook during the week. This forces us to go out and buy foods that are fast and easily accessible. But howContinue reading “Making healthier choices eating out”