5 Halloween Workouts

By Daniela Rodriguez, UC Davis Healthy Aggies Intern

With Halloween right around the corner, why not listen to some spooky music while having some active fun? Here is a Spotify playlist for your spookiness.

We have also rounded up some easy Halloween themed workouts on Youtube to do in the comfort of your own home or gym. Please remember to take everything at your own pace and drink plenty of water. Have fun and get pumped up.

1- Warmup

HALLOWEEN WARM UP Zumba. Sulu and DJBaddmixx’s simple 7-minute Zumba warmup will get us ready for our upcoming Halloween workouts.

2- For Our Pumpkin Lover 

25 Minute Pumpkin Workout Utilize the extra pumpkin you have by working out for 25 minutes with Kelsey Ellis, a BCRPA-certified trainer! With one to two minutes of recovery in between sets, you’ll perform three sets of 12 repetitions of each exercise, which includes compound maneuvers like the single-leg deadlift with a row and sumo squat with a bicep curl. (Take a pair of dumbbells instead of a pumpkin if you don’t have one!)

3-Hocus Pocus Lover  25 Min Hocus Pocus Cardio Dance Workout – This exercise is going to cast a “spell on you” if you enjoy the original Hocus Pocus. The peppy choreography, which is performed to the song “I Put a Spell on You,” is directed by dance and fitness teacher Joseph Corella and includes easy bodyweight techniques.

4- CATWOMAN Workout

Low-Impact, Catwoman-Inspired Total Body Workout – This bodyweight exercise program was developed by Pilates teacher and Pop Pilates creator Cassey Ho to target your arms, abs, and butt for a chic, low-impact practice that is inspired by Catwoman. 

5- Zombie Workout

30 Minute Aerobic Zombie Workout – Exercise The Demons! – This Halloween-themed 30-minute dancing exercise is ideal for getting you in the mood, from the makeup to the lighting to the costume! Group exercise teacher HyperBody®, a multimedia artist, guides you through basic yet powerful choreography to get your entire body moving.

Which is your favorite??

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