The Flavors of Fall

By Leanna Sanchez, UC Davis Nutrition Peer Counselor

“Breathe in folks. Smells like fall” (Taylor Doose). As we settle into cozy fall weather, many of us enjoy taking strolls outside, taking cute pictures at the pumpkin patch or cozying up with a good book. Of course, none of this is done without hot drinks like pumpkin spice lattes and the warm comforting smell of fall spices. The flavors of fall is what perfectly wraps up the season into something magical. Some of my favorite fall spices and herbs to incorporate this time of the year are cinnamon, ginger, and rosemary, all of which have amazing health benefits.


Cinnamon is packed with polyphenol antioxidants and antibacterial properties. It is shown to have some anti-inflammatory benefits and it may also improve blood sugar. One of my favorite uses for cinnamon is using 3-5 large cinnamon sticks to make cinnamon tea then adding honey and lemon juice to taste. Cinnamon powder is also easy to sprinkle into your coffee, oatmeal, pancakes, baked goods, and smoothies are just some examples. Here is an easy overnight oats recipe utilizing cinnamon.


Ginger is a very versatile spice that works well in sweet and savory foods. It gives many dishes a nice kick of flavor. It’s been proven to help with digestion issues such as bloating and nausea, it contains antioxidants, and has anti-inflammatory effects. My favorite ways to use ginger is using ginger root to make ginger shots, adding it to ground chicken in Asian-inspired meals, fried rice, baked goods, and drinking Temple’s Ginger Snap Latte.  Try this easy apple ginger mocktail recipe.


Rosemary is an amazing aromatic herb that can be added to food. Studies have shown that rosemary may have some antioxidative and antimicrobial properties. In addition, rosemary oil, as an aromatherapy treatment, has even been shown to improve exam performance in some students. It is good to add to soups, breads, chicken, steak, potatoes, and popcorn for example. Below is a recipe for some tasty rosemary parmesan sweet potatoes.

Rosemary Parmesan Roasted Sweet Potatoes – Flavor the Moments

Leave a comment below about your favorite fall spice or your favorite recipe utilizing any of these spices. Happy fall y’all!

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