Summertime Group time!

By Sarina Lin, UC Davis Healthy Aggies Coordinator

Boba, ice cream, slushies, or Jamba Juice with friends are great summer hangout ideas. We all tend to hang out indoors during the summer, but what are some fun activities that you can do with your friends outdoors and get some exercise in?

Water Balloon Games

Fill up those water balloons with cold water! Water balloon fights are a fun and exciting way to get your exercise in! If you and your friends aren’t fans of getting hit by water balloons, try the game of catch. After every successful catch, take one step back. Test how far you and your friends can throw and catch! Make sure to prepare some drinking water to stay hydrated!


Take a walk outside with your friends. As you’re walking around, search for nice plants or natural backgrounds to take pictures with. Once you identify some, take turns modeling, posing, and taking pictures of each other! Walking outside and spotting possible photoshoot sites is a wonderful way to notice and appreciate the beauty of nature. Spontaneous photoshoots outside can capture the fun moments with friends and nature!

Flashlight tag

Too hot during the day to even step outside? Wait until it gets dark outside and go to a park. Choose one person to be ‘it’. The person who is ‘it’ is handed a flashlight and is responsible for finding the hiders. The hiders are given time to hide, and once the time is up, the ‘it’ can search for the hiders using their flashlight. In order to tag the hiders, the ‘it’ has to shine their flashlight on them and call out their name. Once everyone is found, a new ‘it’ is chosen.

Summer outdoor activities are not limited to the three that I mentioned. There are many more activities that you can do! Maybe you can invent a new game with your friends! Feel free to share your outdoor summer activities!

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