5 ways to remember to drink water.

water drop

By Joel Paniagua Soto, Nutrition Peer Counselor

 Being hydrated is very important as water plays a huge role in metabolism. Water is the most abundant and essential component of the human body. In fact, about 60% of total body weight is comprised of water.  During winter we may not think we need as much, but we can still get dehydrated! Not getting enough water will affect your energy level, may cause headaches, chapped lips, slowed metabolism, and dry skin. Staying hydrated throughout the day will benefit your body and you might even notice a slight increase in energy.

How much water should I drink? Many of you have heard that we need 8 glasses of water, right? Well everyone is different and depending on your activity level, climate, and digestion, the amount of water can vary.  According to the Food and Nutrition Board, for adults, it is recommended 1 ml of water per kilocalorie or 30 ml per kilogram body weight; drink a minimum of six glasses of water per day to be safe. If you need help or have questions with water recommendation, consult your physician and or dietician.

How can I drink more water? Here are five easy ways to remember to drink water. It is also important to keep in mind that foods can contain water and eating those water containing foods will certainly contribute to fluid intake.

1. Use a colorful reusable bottle. Invest some money on a reusable bottle so you always have it with you everywhere you go. You can always refill it when you are empty and this way you are saving money and the environment. Choose a bottle that you will enjoy carrying around and so it is easy to see. Many people tend to lose their bottles but if it is colorful, it will be easier to spot and remind you to take a sip of water.infused

2. Infuse your waterWho says you have to drink plain ol’ water? Spice it up and add sliced lemons, limes, mint, oranges, strawberries, and so on. This will make drinking water tastier and more exciting.

3. Set alarms. This one might sound weird, but it can be helpful when you are busy studying. Putting alarms or a reminder to drink water every 30-60 minutes will provide helpful encouragement to drink water.

4. Make a tea. tea bagsDuring winter it might not seem appealing to drink cold water, so instead make a tea! Hot tea does sound good when you are at home avoiding the cold rainy weather. Buy some tea bags and find your favorite mug because it is about to be tea-rrific!

5. Consume water containing foods. Eating foods with high water content will add to your total water intake. By eating fruits and vegetables (water constitutes about 90% for most fruits and vegetables) you will more easily achieve your water intake goals not to mention fruits and vegetables are health promoting for many reasons!


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