What is happening behind all of those temporary walls in the Activity and Recreation Center (ARC)?

Guest Post by:  Deb Johnson, Director, Activities and Recreation Center, UC Davis

This may be a question you are asking yourself or hearing others discuss. We promise you that the growing pains you are experiencing with our expansion project will be worth the wait.

“Wait” is a word that is tough for all of us to swallow with our impacted schedules.  We are aware that our facility is crowded and we are working to provide a space where you will not have to wait for equipment to open up to complete your workout in a timely manner.

To meet the growing needs of students, the campus is expanding the ARC by 16,300 square feet in the existing central courtyard area.

Expanding the ARC facility will include improvements such as:

  • More strength equipment (free weights, racks, benches and Olympic weightlifting platforms)
  • More inviting and open spaces to create your own work-out space
  • The addition of new cardio equipment and increased number of our patrons favorite pieces
  • A new boxing studio
  • New day use lockers throughout first and second levels
  • Outdoor exercise space
  • Expanded cycling studio
  • Expanded cardio loft on the second floor with the addition of views facing outside
  • Enhanced energy efficiency of the building
  • The addition of Wi-Fi

The expansion will result in shorter wait times, allowing ARC members to complete their workouts and return to class, studying or work.

Student fees will not increase to fund the expansion. The project is funded from the FACE/LLEAP initiative that was passed in 1999 to build the ARC. The referendum was designed to allow for the building to be operated, maintained and renovated as it aged. Therefore, the project is being built without any increase in student fees.

We would like to ask for your help!

For the next month, we will be testing out four new pieces of cardio equipment.

  • Alpine Runner: Climb heights of famous landmarks with an incline much steeper than a traditional treadmill.



  • Spectrum: Adjustable stride 13” to 30”


  • A7xi Ascent Trainer: Advanced Sprint 8 High Intensity Interval Training program


  • Rower:  Magnetic resistance, with distance rowing and high-intensity training programs



You can find these pieces located at the Main ARC Entrance off La Rue Road on the first floor.  Please try them out and complete the comment card about your experience to help determine if we should add these new pieces to our cardio loft.

We would also like to know if there is equipment, you really enjoy that you want to see more of at the ARC or something we are missing altogether.  This is a great opportunity for you to share your ideas directly with our director, Deb Johnson.  Please email her at dmjohnson@ucdavis.edu.

Keep an eye out for those big blank walls across from the climbing wall, as they will soon have renderings of what is to come so that you too can be excited about the opportunities coming your way.


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