Them bones…

bone healthDid you know that even after you stop growing, your bones continue to develop?  You’ll be well into your twenties before your bones switch into maintenance mode.  A healthy lifestyle is critical to bone health throughout life.

”We often think of a child’s growth largely with respect to height, but overall bone development is also important,” said [lead author] Dr. Shana McCormack, a pediatric researcher at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. ”This study shows that roughly 10 percent of bone mass continues to accumulate after a teenager reaches his or her adult height,” she said in a hospital news release.

Make yours strong:

  • Don’t smoke.   One more thing smoking isn’t good for – your bones.  Don’t start, then you won’t have to quit.
  • Drink your milk! Or eat other calcium rich foods regularly.  This includes dark green leafy vegetables, in addition to all dairy products, beans and tofu.
  • Get enough nutrient dense foods, like fruits, veggies, lean meats and whole grains. Having all the trace nutrients allows your body to mineralize bones.  Vitamin D is particularly important.  You may think of sunshine as a good source of vitamin D.  That is correct!  Spending 20 minutes in the sun, without sunscreen, will allow your body to produce Vitamin D and fish, eggs and mushrooms all contain Vitamin D.
  • Keep being active! Don’t allow the full-time job, mortgage and family that will likely occur as you get older to nudge out your beloved sports.  Continue to participate in community ball clubs and other activities like riding your bike, doing Zumba and practicing yoga.  Weight bearing exercise keeps your bones strong.
  • Don’t drink excessively. Alcohol affects all body systems, including your bones, negatively.  When you drink, stick to the recommended guidelines:  no more than 1 drink / day for women; 2 drinks / men maximum.

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