The Best of Broccoli



By: Aneeta Vedula

Ever leave your veggies untouched on your plate and let them go to waste? Do they look or taste unappetizing? Everyone has different food preferences, but Healthy Aggies encourage you to try different types of vegetables to find the ones that satisfy your taste buds! Expand your food horizon and discover the great taste and benefits you can find in nutrient-dense vegetables, such as broccoli!

Broccoli is one of the lowest calorie vegetables, providing only 34 calories per 100 grams (~1 ¼ cups), which is equivalent to a (medium-sized) plate full of broccoli! Here are some fun facts about broccoli and how this flower-head vegetable can help your body and mind!

Broccoli helps reduce cholesterol levels.

  • What this means for you: Fiber is the indigestible part found in broccoli and other plant-based food and binds to cholesterol found in your bloodstream. Since your body is unable to digest fiber, both fiber and cholesterol is eliminated as waste (i.e. you poop it out)! Lower cholesterol levels support heart health so your heart can pump blood throughout your body to keep you going!

Broccoli can help remove toxins from your body.  

  • What this means for you:  The phytonutrients (natural chemicals in plants) in broccoli aid your body in eliminating unwanted toxins. This helps protects your DNA and ensures your cells are growing and maturing properly for normal bodily functions.

Broccoli is rich in Folate and Vitamin K. 

  • What this means for you: Vitamin K is essential for proteins to function properly in response to a cut and aids in blood clotting. Folate is also a necessary vitamin that is important for the production of red blood cells (main transporters of oxygen in the body) and neurological health. So take a bite out of broccoli to strengthen your mind and immune system!

Broccoli is high in flavonoids. 

  • What this means for you: Flavanoids are special compounds found in plants and provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to the body.  This helps maintain proper cell functions and reduce your risk for disease.

Now that you’ve read the best of broccoli, try incorporating this amazing vegetable into your daily diet. Even if it’s just a handful here and there, the benefits can  add up and help provide what your body needs!


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