Fuel Up With Back-to-School Nutrition



With the start of the new school year, most of us college students are pressed for time and can be under a lot stress balancing new class schedules with other commitments, such as work, internships and club organizations. With so much happening and so much to do, healthy eating may be hard to prioritize and many of us may resort to fast food options or end up skipping meals. It is important to be aware of the proper nutrition your body needs, especially when school is starting. A healthy diet can give you energy and keep you focused to put you on the right track for a successful new quarter!


Use these tips to help you make healthful choices and meet your fitness goals to kick-start your fall quarter eating well and feeling your best!


  1. Drink Water

Water is your best choice for hydration. It is important to replenish your body’s water supply for proper muscle and brain function to help you bike and walk around campus and focus in class! Bring a reusable water bottle and remember to hydrate often! Other factors can influence how much water you need, such as activity level, climate, and health status. The weather can be extremely hot and dry in Davis so be sure you modify your fluid intake to ensure you are well hydrated so you do not run the risk of dehydration.


  1. Know Your Options on Campus

UC Davis Dining Services is recognized as a top award winning dining program for its efforts in creating and serving delicious and nutritious foods! Take advantage of the variety of nutritious options they offer and look for the Happy, Healthy Apples labeled on our menu signage and simply-to-go food items. These are designed to help you make healthy choices!


Download our mobile app Aggie Dish to stay connected with UC Davis Dining Services and receive updates on our menu, nutrition information, dining locations, daily deals and upcoming events!


  1. Pack Snacks to Go 

Pack a well-portioned snack in your backpack! Juggling a new schedule can make it difficult to determine when you’re going to have your next meal.  When hunger sneaks up on you, satisfy your hunger with having snacks on hand, such as a small handful (about ¼ cup) of nuts or a piece of fruit. Nuts, fruits and vegetables provide a quick source of energy as well as fiber to help you beat hunger and are convenient to have on the go! Find fresh fruit and pre-cut veggies in the simply-to-go section of various on-campus dining locations.


  1. Call the Nutrition Hotline

Have a questions about nutrition and wellness? Struggling to eat well as a college student? Call the Nutrition Hotline and meet the dietitian of UC Davis Dining Services, Linda Adams. She can help you with your nutrition concerns and determine your dietary needs for optimal health!


For information and consultation, call the Nutrition Hotline at (530) 752-9604 or email linda.adams@sodexo.com.

One thought on “Fuel Up With Back-to-School Nutrition

  1. Adding on the “Pack Some Snacks,” foods that have high quality protein (e.g. eggs, whey, and soy) and are rich in fiber can also make great snacks to help you feel satiated until your next meal!

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